Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Barn Trolley Light Fixtures

A couple of years ago, my wife showed me some industrial light fixtures in Restoration Hardware.  They were reproductions of barn trolleys with the light cords threaded through the pulleys where ropes would normally go.  They were very cool, but, as with everything in Restoration Hardware, very expensive, so we made our own using real barn pulleys.

I go to various tractor shows and flea markets throughout the year, so all I had to do was keep my eyes open for a barn trolley.  I wound up buying 2 at a farm show and using them as the centerpieces of 2 light fixtures.  They were pretty grungy, so I power-washed all the crud off of them, then we painted them with a textured spray paint we found at Lowe's to give them a pleasant appearance.  "Hammered Bronze" was the paint we used.  I searched for cloth covered power cord on the web and bought some online to use for powering the lights and suspending the light fixtures below the trolleys (the fixtures came from either Lowe's or Home Depot and came with Edison bulbs).

I wanted to mount the trolleys on the actual track hardware normally used with them during their life in a barn, but the track hardware is harder to find than the trolleys, so I made my own.  I measured the track pulleys on the trolleys then bought the appropriate size angle iron at a local metal yard.  I welded large steel nuts between the pieces of angle to get the proper spacing for each trolley (the 2 trolleys needed slightly different width track), then cut re-bar to length to hang the track from the beams in our library.  I welded a washer to the top end of each re-bar in order to bolt the whole assembly to the beams.  Then we painted the whole track assembly with the same "Hammered Bronze" paint we had used on the trolleys.

The trolleys turned out fantastic.  Below are some pictures.  I wish they were a little better quality, but I just took them with my phone, not an actual camera.

This is the trolly fixture from Restoration Hardware.

And these are pictures of our trolleys.

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  1. These are AWESOME!! Would you consider making one for purchase??