Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Searching with Google Patents

Did you know you can look up patents on Google?

I wanted to get a good diagram of Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter, so I did a Google image search and came up with several files from different websites, but I wasn't really happy with any of them.  They were all muddier, blurrier, or more pixelated than I preferred.

Then I discovered that you can do patent lookups on Google.

The link to do a patent search is

From there you can search for whatever text you desire, "Nikola Tesla" for example.  However if you do this, you find out that Tesla has a LOT of patents.  You get about 64,000 results.

I really didn't want to wade through that may patent hits looking for the Magnifying Transmitter, so I did something else.  I noticed that you can go directly to a specific patent by putting the patent number in the url.  I had the patent number I was looking for because it was on the blurry pictures I had found, so I did this:

And viola, instant access to the patent I was looking for, officially titled "Apparatus for Transmitting Electrical Energy."

I saved a copy of the the main diagram to my computer, printed it, framed it in a $2 frame from Wal-Mart, and hung it on the wall of my office.

And while I was there, I downloaded a .pdf of the full patent, just to keep it handy.

Life is just better with Google.

Oh, and you might want to use Google Chrome to do this.  I couldn't get IE 8 to work properly with Google Patents.

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