Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Slide Gate Lever

We have a double gate going into our back yard.  Nothing fancy, just something I put together that would meet the dual purposes of letting a car into the back yard and keeping the dogs IN the back yard.  Over time the gates kind of warped opposite directions from one another such that, when they were latched together at the top, the bottoms didn't meet together real well.  Eventually the dogs figured out there was enough flex to the gates that they could worm between them at the bottom and get out of the yard.  To prevent this we had a crappy little piece of vinyl siding trim that we had snatched up out of the yard and slid through the bottoms of both gates, securing them together and preventing the dogs from flexing them open at the bottom.  This solution was pretty flimsy and needed an upgrade.  As I was preparing to cut a decent piece of real wood to replace the vinyl siding, the thought came to me to do something more creative, something with a lever that would make it more convenient to open and shut the gate without having to bend over to move the slide.

I mean, if you have to create something, you may as well create something cool, right?

Below you can see what I came up with.  It's simple, but fun, and I like it.

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