Saturday, June 28, 2014

Maker Faire KC 2014 - Solar Car

Quick update from Maker Faire Kansas City.

I saw this neat solar car cruising down the street next to Crown Center today, then when we got into Maker Faire, it was parked right out front of Union Station, so I was able to get these pictures.

There's obviously some pedals inside.  I'm not sure what they're for.  I suspect you can either A) pedal yourself back home when you run out of sunlight/battery power OR B) extend your range by pedaling to take some of the load off the motor/battery.

I saw another solar car called the TWIKE and actually talked to a guy who knew something about it.  It also had pedals.  On the TWIKEI had assumed the pedals were for "A", but the guy informed they didn't really work for :"A", they were for "B".  I didn't get to talk with anyone on the green car in these pics, so I'm not sure if the pedals are for "A", "B" or both.

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