Friday, July 4, 2014

$199 3D Printer - OneUP Classic

One of the most noteable things I saw at MakerFaireKC was the OneUP Classic.

It's a 3D printer for only $199 (in kit form).  

The cheapest 3D printer I had previously seen was the Printerbot Jr.  If memory serves me correctly, you used to be able to get the Printerbot Jr. in kit form for around $300 .  I last saw it about a year ago.  However as I search for the Printrbot Jr. now, I can't find it.  Not even on the Printrbot website.  So it looks like that's no longer an option.

With shipping to my house included, the total cost of the OneUP Classic (for me) would be $215.45.

Long live the OneUP Classic!

Check it out at

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