Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dip Your Car

I just found out about a new (to me) trend in car customization - Dip Your Car.

Basically, people are taking Plasi-Dip, which has historically been used to put a plastic coating on the handles of tools (like pliers), and using it to spray paint their cars.  If you get tired of the color, or don't like it, you can just peel it off and spray it a different color.

It's a pretty cool idea.

The main drawback I see is that the result is usually kind of a matte finish and, in some cases, your car winds up looking like a pencil eraser.  Some colors are worse than others about promoting this effect.  Looks to me like this process would work best for black, white, and gray.

Still, it's a cool option to have.

The clear coat on the roof of my 2000 Honda Civic is starting to separate.  I may have to sand it down and experiment...

Check out the video and link below.



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  1. Definately a step up from the bedliner spray jobs I've seen on some 4x4s!