Thursday, August 7, 2014

'68 Charger Power Steering Return Line Adapter

On my '68 Dodge Charger, as far back as I can remember, there's been a mis-match between the return port of my power steering pump and the return port on my power steering gear box.  (the LOW pressure line)  The return port on my power steering pump is about 3/4" in diameter and the return port on the power steering gearbox is about 3/8" in diameter.

I either needed a different pump (with a smaller port) or a bigger return fitting on the gearbox.

You can see the fitting on the pump in this picture.  (this pump isn't mine, but is identical)

And you can see the 2 different return fittings in this picture.  I need the fat one since I have a fat port on my pump, but my gearbox has the skinny one.

My solution up till yesterday was to put an inch long piece of 3/8" hose on the skinny fitting then a  big host over the skinny hose and clamp it down real tight on the fitting.  I've known I had power steering leak for a long time, but didn't know most of it was coming from my hose-over-a-hose solution until yesterday.

I could buy the large fitting, but I needed a quick solution to go to the Cruise-in at Fuddrucker's tuesday night, so I decided to make an adapter.

I scouted around the shop and found this old, metal fuel filter.  Sweet!  I thought it was going to be more work than this, but this thing will almost work as-is.

I happen to have a lathe, so I chucked up the filter and turned down the metal that was crimped over (just to get rid of it).  Which got me to here.

Then, popped out the filter guts.

Chucked it up again and used a file to eliminate sharp edges on the big end.

And here's the finished product in place.

I may eventually get the correct fitting for the gearbox, but for now this is working great!

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